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Making Your Mark Online

Making Your Mark Online

Online marketing is a must for success of any online business. However, given the broad range of mediums and tools available for online marketing, it is quite easy to get side-tracked.

Make Your Online Marketing Strategy more Effective and Efficient

A comprehensive online marketing strategy should include everything from a professionally designed website, well organized social media pages, pay-per click advertising and search engine optimization.

Sounds simple, right? However, as you start to delve into each category, you will find the number of choices overwhelming. The range of packages, costs and work involved is huge. Without a strategically researched, designed and implemented marketing plan, no matter how much money and and effort goes into your online advertising you may be stuck with little to no ROI.

A smart online strategy will save you time and money. By streamlining the process of online marketing, you can make it more efficient and effective. With clear focus, effective tools and a professional company implementing their techniques, online marketing can generate a vast amount of traffic for your site. By following the tips given below, you can design and execute an efficient marketing strategy:

Strategize a Plan:  Make a plan by listing your current products, services along with realistic short and long terms business goals. Then you should find the most successful competition found online and then analyze their websites landing pages, where they advertise, the types of mediums on which they advertise and the predominate keywords that are used. By using this technique you can implement a proven successful business model and then customize that plan to suit you own business to achieve your short term and long term goals.

Get a Professional Website – In order to retain visitors on your website, it is really important to have a well-designed and professional looking website with informative and relative content. A free or budget website might save you money initially but in order to save money in long term you need a structured website developed bya professional. Remember, you get what you pay for and the same stands for websites. The website should have clear click to action event, easy to see contact information and clear information about your products and services.

PPC & SEO – Opting for a PPC and / or SEO campaign would be next. You should find the most relevant and searched targeted keywords for your products and service you are to promote and then hire a professional company to setup a PPC account and optimize that account on your behalf. Optimizing a PPC campaign includes keywords research, multi tiered targeted campaigns with split tested advertisements that are monitored aon a daily or weekly basis. Landing page optimization is also required for PPC and SEO optimization to receive a high relevancy score and also higher search engine rankings. Remebmer to set definite goals and create realistic timeframes to achieve your goals. Stick to your deadlines and don't invest more than what your budget allows you.

Social Media – Before launching into social media, you must make sure that your focus on one site at a time. Do not set up a page on every social networking site you hear about. It will be really difficult managing all the accounts concurrently wasting more time than the benefits. Best is to select one or two of the most popular social networks and maintain an active presence on them with the latest news, blogs and products from your business updated on a weekly or bi-weekly time frame. Websites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn might be a good bet that will expose your website to a large network of audience.

Keep a track – Tracking is very important to find what is working and what is not. A quality website will provide analytic's on traffic. These tools are really helpful when it comes to planning your strategy and improving it to make it work even better. Tools like Google Analytic's are a great way to track and monitor how effective you campaigns are running.

An online marketing plan should be such that it should add value and drive potential clients to your site. Creating a smart online marketing plan that is both effective and efficient will help in building a solid online presence.


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